Monday, October 12, 2009

(sedih+kecewa)+(kwn2 consult) = Da ok smule..

The only women in my life that I like the most in this world admitted that she already
had a new boyfriend.. Yes maybe she's rite, we had nothing to do with each other, but
even she knows that I cannot love someone else besides her..

The story goes like this, at 11.12pm yester day, I called her.. We were chatting and laughing,
but suddenly, she told me her problem.. She told me her love conflict.. She said that there
this guy who likes her a lot and gives her a heart shaped cake.. And the guy also told her, "if
u already have a bf, told me ok so that I will not feel ashamed of giving you this cake"...
and she replied,"what if I told you that I already had one".. than the guy take back the cake..
Then she added, " I said, if".. then the guy smiles and go away.. One day, that guy ask her
to be his gf.. And at that moment, she refuses because she said she already had a bf..
That guy went to Kuliah Sultan abu bakar school to take STAM, same like her.. That guy
is from Jengka.. after listening to that, I hung up... I was crying but it has no use anymore..
Yes, she is my ex gf, but she gave me hope that we can still be together.. hurm.. that hope is now
like a wind.. come and goes.. with sadness in my heart, I text my f4 brothers.. ayie, bo n yan...
Ayie and yan ask me to go online..

From that moment, my tears stops.. They really cheer me up.. I must do what they ask me to..
I need to get over her.. let her go.. find someone else.. huhu.. eventhough it is so hard as i live her so much.. it's ok then..

Now i'm a new man.. I don't care about her anymore.. why should I.. I'm totally over her now..