Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Assignment Science Of Qur'an ^_^

All things in this world is related to science in any way. In all of Allah’s creation and the thing that happens, there is a relevance or rational of it being that way. That is why Allah orders the khalifah to search for it, to seek for knowledge, and to discover the unrevealed wonders that was hidden or that exist in front of our eyes that we didn’t realize it. There are some miracles that are beyond the reach of human’s mind to discover and ponder, but still, there are sciences behind it. The simplest example that can be observed is about the form of human being. The scientists of modern era are only able to discover the whole process of human formation in the mother’s womb in between the late 80’s and the early 90’s according to one of the well-known biological expert, Dr Rupert Steward Johnson from Scotland in his book wonders of human creation. It’s quite far later from when the Qur’an was sent down until they are able to figure that out. This shows that Allah has given us guidance to the miracles that he has created for us to find out by ourselves.

Among all of the sciences in this world, we are interested of the science of performing the prayers. Some people take performing solah for granted and only perform it with their will and didn’t take it as a responsibility. Actually, these people who didn’t perform their solah are in lost as there are lots of benefits by performing solah not just to accomplish the obligated act, but also carrying out the responsibility to The Creator. There are reasons on why Allah order us perform solah on a specific time daily[1]. Before we go deeper into that issue, let us look at the history of solah, when does it is became compulsory, and how the process of knowing about the solah does took place.

The history of solah is officially stated in the sirah of the prophet through a process which is called Isra’ Mi’raj. This event occurs after several years after the Prophet Muhammad was assigned to be the messenger[2]. During that event, the prophet was taken by the Angel to the Arsy to meet Allah S.W.T, and receiving the order of performing the 5 daily prayers. Since then, it was made compulsory for all muslim to perform the 5 daily prayers and it is fardhu ain for all muslim to perform it. The way of us as the follower of Prophet Muhammad on performing solah is differ from the previous prophet according to the Islamic History Researcher. According to them, the method or way of them performing the solah before Prophet Muhammad was sent down to earth is not the same because the ‘kaifiyat’ of performing the 5 daily prayers is only meant for the follower of Muhammad.

In each and every Allah’s creation contains its’ own miracle, and solah itself contains full of wonders. Firstly, let us look at the wonders and miracles that lie on the time of which we are ordered to perform it. Each of every transaction and changes of the solah time is actually showing the changes of natural’s energy that can be measured and observed through the changing of colour from the natural energy which is also been called as aura or chakra. The phenomenon of the changing in the natural energy is something that is common to those who are in the field of photography.

i) Subh Prayer

In the time of subh, the world is in the light blue spectrum which is equivalent with the tyroid frequency which affects the body’s metabolism system. By that, the light blue colour or the subh period carries the secret about the sustenance, body resistance, self recovery, and communication. Those who frequently misses or late on performing their subh prayer continously for quite a time soon will be facing problem and difficulties with their earnings, sustenance and communication. This is happens because the blue coloured natural energy cannot be absorbed by the tyroid which suppose to be done while the soul and body are in emerge (paralelism of time and space) or in other word, waking up from the sleep[3]. From here, we can discover on why we are asked to pray exactly on time. Starting from the ‘athan’ of subh, the natural power during this time is at its optimum level. This energy which will then absorbed by the body through the resonant concept during the the bent of body (ruku’) and when the face, palm and tip of foot are in a paralel level (sujud). This means, those who late on performing their subh prayer are actually didn’t get the optimum level of the energy.

ii)Zuhr Prayer

The next one is during the zuhr prayer. The previous natural colour has changed to the colour of green which shows the sign of isyraq and as it completely became a green colour, it was then the time of dhuha and then yellow coloured natural energy showing that it is exactly the time of Zuhr prayer. The spectrum during this time is parallel with the stomach and heart frequency which relates with the digestion sytem. This yellow colour holds the key and secret of cheerfullness and happiness. So those who frequently misses or late on performing their zuhr prayer will be facing difficulties and problem on their stomach and will lost their cheerfulness. A person will not be feeling comfortable or too happy while they are having stomach ache.

iii)Asr Prayer
Next is the time of Asr. The natural colour will change from yellow to the orange colour. This means that it is time for Asr prayer. The orange colour is equivalent with the frequency of prostate, uterus, ovary, and testis that includes in the reproduction system. The secret behind the orange colour is creativity. Those who kept on misses Asr prayer or didn’t pray on time will lost their sence of creativity and it’ll be a great lost if during this time the soul and body are apart or in other word, asleep. That is why sometimes when a person who sleep during this time will sort of lost their sanity after waking up. They are easily mad and cannot make a clear judgement on anything. There are also wise saying that claims that if a person slept during asr more than 30 days, that person will turn insane. The energy that are released during this time is very needed by reproductive organ.

iv)Maghrib prayer

Next is the time of Maghrib. By the time of maghrib, the natural energy will then turn into red colour and during this time we are adviced to stay in the house. This is because the colour spectrum during this time is enclosing the parallelism of the frequency of Jin and Iblis which is infra-red and it means that the Jin and Syaitan are at their strongest because they are resonant to the nature. Those who are in a journey are advised to take a break first and perform their solah before continuing the journey because there are lots of inteferens occur at this time which will distract the view. The secret of the energy that are released during this time is parallel with the frequency of the muscle, nerves and bones[4]. By gathering the energy that is released during this time will boost confidence of a person.

v)Isya’ Prayer

We will now move to the last which is the isya’ prayer. When it is time for isya’, the nature’s colour will then turn from indigo into the darkness phase. The time of Isya’ holds the secret of calmness and serenity in which the frequency is parallel with the brain control system[5]. Those who frequently misses or late to perform their Isya’ prayer will always be in the state of discomfort and unhettling. The nature is now the the state of darkness and supposingly, this is the actual time to sleep in Islam. Sleeping during this time is called delta sleep where the whole body system is resting.

After midnight, the nature is now shine with the white coloured energy, followed by pink and then turns into purple where it is the same with the frequency of pineal, pituitary, thalamus, and hypothalamus glands. The body should already wake up during this time and in Islam this time is called Qiamullaial.

That is briefly how the prayer time relates with the colour of the natural energy. Humans are actually had realised by now the importance of the nature energy and this is the factor on the existence of varies meditation methods that are form such as Taichi, Qi-gong and etc[6]. All are form to be able to absorb these natural energy into the body system. As a Muslim we should be grateful because we had been bestowed with the ‘syariat’ of Allah s.w.t without having hard time figuring out on how to absorb these natural energy that exist. This fact suppose to make us realise that Allah has make it obligatory for us as the creations by His merciful and gracious attribute and knowing that we as the creation really need it. However, it is too bad for those who take solah for granted but very discipline with their taichi class. However, there is a clear lesson that have been told through the story of when Imam As-Syafi’e told his student that the most light thing in this world is leaving or not performing the prayer.